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Home Owner FAQs

¿Que es Solar Stack?

El sistema de montaje Solar Stack utiliza una configuración de pedestal única diseñada para cumplir con los requisitos de código de viento más estrictos, que incluyen HVHZ (High-Velocity Hurricane Zones) (Zonas de huracanes de alta velocidad).

¿Cómo se fija Solar Stack al techo?

El sistema de montaje Solar Stack utiliza un pedestal altamente innovador y un adhesivo aprobado por el código para unir componentes solares al techo.

Does Solar Stack have a warranty?

Yes! Solar Stack has a 20 year limited warranty. For more information please visit our technical page.

Does the foam adhesive work and does it last?

Yes! Foam adhesives have been used in Florida’s HVHZ (High Velocity Hurricane Zone) to adhere tile roofs since Hurricane Andrew hit in 1992. Our parent company Tim Graboski Roofing has been in business for 32 years in South Florida and has installed over 40,000 tile roofs with foam adhesives.

Contractors FAQs

What roof systems does Solar Stack work with?

Sloped Systems: Tile, Concrete Decks, Structural Metal (22 gauge or heavier) 

Flat Deck & Low Slope Systems: Granulated Cap Sheet (Roll Roofing), BUR (Built Up Roofing), Modified Bitumen, TPO, EPDM, PVC, Hypalon, SPF (Spray Polyurethane Foam), Concrete Decks, Structural Metal (22 gauge or heavier)

What roof systems does Solar Stack NOT work with?

Solar Stack does not work with silicone or polypropylene-based surfaces.

Do I need rails?

Solar Stack eliminates the need for rails and racks. Instead, your additional mounting hardware can be installed directly to Solar Stack. This allows you to install solar panels directly to our pedestal. We have two quarter-inch channels and a half-inch channel allowing you to use any mid-clamps and end-clamps on the market with our system.

What about wire management?

Contractors can either run their wire management from pedestal to pedestal with cable ties or they can use solar panel clips.

Where can I find engineering reports?

Please visit our Technical Page for official certifications and engineering reports. 

Is a primer required for adhesion to the foam adhesive?

A primer is not required but is recommended for most roof systems. Please email info@solarstack.com for more information.

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